Yellow Merry-Bells

As I considered what yellow wild flower to use in The Yellow Dress,  I knew I didn’t have many to chose from as there aren’t that many early blooming wild flowers that are deep yellow; they tend to bloom later in the season. At first I considered the yellow violet, which is such a sweet flower, but then for some reason I changed my mind and chose the bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora).

I wasn’t certain about using the bellwort.  Although the flower was perfect, I didn’t think the name was very attractive.  I found out according to the “doctrine of signatures”, that because the flower of the bellwort looked like the uvula, the appendage which hangs down the back of the throat, it was thought that the plant would cure throat problems, hence the use of “wort”,  as it means the plant has food or medicinal value.  Through doing some additional research I found out the bellwort was also called the merry-bell, so then I knew that was the flower I was going to use.

It was, however, when I looked up the family of the bellwort and found out that it was the lily family, that tears came to my eyes.  Of course, that is why I had to use the bellwort.  “Consider the lilies and how they grow….”


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